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Building the Foundation for Blockchain Projects

Wemerge is a Community Blockchain Incubator with the mission to innovate and accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology for real-world application. The core team is made up of angel investors, experienced entrepreneurs, top management team members with background from multi-national corporations as well as blockchain experts from the US, China, India, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. This fusion of technology, cryptonomics and business management expertise is brought together to resolve real-world problems related to the adoption of blockchain technology.

With Wemerge, a project not only gains access to the best expertise from both the business and blockchain worlds to make the project real-world applicable, the project will also gain access to the Wemerge Community who are not just token holders but are also continuously cultivated to be advocates, beta testers, utility stress tests and standard users of the projects incubated by Wemerge. This provides a strong platform for projects to thrive and grow and this all happens within Wemerge’s Community Blockchain Incubator center called MergeSpace. After testing our pilot center in Kuala Lumpur, the first official MergeSpace is scheduled to be setup in Shenzhen by May 2018 followed by Washington DC, New Delhi and Singapore, MergeSpace centers are already in the pipeline and Wemerge aims to set up a MergeSpace in every region that has a strong community base.

Two key problem areas


High Failure Rate Of Blockchain Projects

High Failure Rate Of Blockchain Projects

Based on a study conducted (TheNextWeb, 2016), 92% of 26,000 blockchain projects launched in 2016 failed with only 8% still in existence in 2017. A key element behind these failures is the lack of strong business fundamentals & funding support and a mismatch between the planned utility of the issued tokens and its application of the projects in real-world environments. An extension of this predicament is the lack of support from token users or crypto community. A project can only be viable and sustainable if it has continuous support from its customers, clients and/or users based on strong business fundamentals. Thus, technical knowledge of blockchain technology alone is insufficient as such technology also requires sharp business acumen from the management and strong support from the community, amongst others.

Impracticality Of Due Diligence

Impracticality Of Due Diligence

Although information is normally readily available in many cases, there are no globally recognized gold standards for accurate and credible information disclosure practices for crowd-sourced crypto projects. One is extremely likely to a find a project with strong fundamentals but with terrible organization of or nonexistent documentation for due diligence purposes. This heightens the need for a strong due diligence process that may include and is not limited to background checks on the company and its core members, financial checks, legality and governmental restrictions, physical site visits, business model rationalization, token utility checks and etc. With an estimate of more than 100,000 blockchain projects targeted to be launched in 2018 alone, a participant is much more likely to purchase a token with poor fundamentals on the promises of massive returns rather than any utility and the real-world application of the token, thus putting their cryptocurrency at risk.


Beta Test The Latest Projects

Receive tokens from projects incubated by Wemerge, which will be distributed to the community immediately when received to test and validate token utility. Keep any products or services received as a reward for your efforts & feedback.

Priority Access

Any token generating events conducted by projects incubated directly by Wemerge will be initially exclusive to the Community, where they can also choose to procure more tokens as a private offer in exchange for Wemerge tokens.

Exclusive Community Events

Private launch parties. Meet & greets. Experience outings. Hackathons. All this and more exclusive to the Wemerge Community members to engage, relate and participate with the projects they are beta testing for.

Bringing 3 core entities together to leverage on each other's competencies to offset areas of limitation


High Potential Projects

High potential projects contribute their innovation, entrepreneurship, management and workforce to spearhead the success of the projects.

Wemerge Community

Not only do they provide the validation and beta testing process, they also act as a word-of-mouth marketing department as well as the consumers of the product or service offered by the project.

Panel Of Experts

Our panel of experts from around the globe provide the technical and business expertise needed to shore up weaknesses to make the project applicable, feasible and sustainable.




Derek Zhou

Founding Partner

Ng Kian Yong

Founding Partner

Jonathan Quek

Founding Partner
Southeast Asia

Zhang Xiaochen

Founding Partner

Gaurav Marya

Founding Partner

Tony White

Founding Partner

Tan Kah Ann

Founding Partner Operations

Alex Tong

Founding Partner Community

George Wong

Founding Partner Community

Lin Lin

Founding Partner Community


Hu Dong

Lee Willson

Elisha Hong

Raymond Chou

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